The XX Project has brought together female leaders and innovators across major cities. For the past 4 years, The XX Project has featured over 50 major power players and today’s most inspiring executives to entrepreneurs leading companies including GE, iHeartMedia, Fast Company, Equinox, Carbon 38, The A-List, Octagon, Paley Center, Stylehaul, Laurel & Wolf and Friends At Work.

Soledad O’Brien

Founder of Starfish Media Group

Pat Mitchell

CEO of Paley Center for Media


Recording Artist

Beth Comstock

Vice Chair of General Electric

Gayle Troberman

CMO of iHeartMedia

Lisa Murray

CMO of Octagon

Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Founder of Extreme You

Christine Osekoski

EVP of Agency & Industry Partnerships at iHeartMedia

Livia Tortella

Founder & CEO of Blackbox

Cindy Cowan

Founder of Cindy Cowan Entertainment

Claudia Cahill

CCO at The Content Creative

Nikki Wheeler

Concert Agent at ICM Partners

Banch Abegaze

CEO of AMLAK Music

Stephanie Horbackzewski

Founder of Stylehaul

Ashlee Margolis

Founder & CEO of The A-List

Leura Fine

Founder & CEO of Laurel & Wolf

Lavinia Errico

Founder of Equinox

Nicole Lapin

New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, businesswoman, & TV personality

Mika El-Baz

EVP for RCA, West Coast

Erica Samadani

SVP of Brand Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations

Ty Stiklorius

Founder & CEO of Friends At Work

Jodi Guber Brufsky

Founder & CCO of Beyond Yoga

Lee Ann Daly

CMO of Pressed Juicery

Katerina Schneider

Founder of Ritual

Nora Dekeyser

Matchmaker at Three Day Rule

Moj Mahdara

CEO of BeautyCon

Jesse Draper

Founder of Halogen Ventures

Natasha Case

Co-Founder & CEO of Coolhaus

Katie Johnson

Founder of Carbon38

Alle Fister

Founder of Bollare Communications