Our events span a broad mix – from intimate cocktail dinners to retreats to panel events that range in topic from building your own brand to supporting philanthropic causes. We bring together women across diverse industries including entertainment, music, wellness, fashion, finance, and politics. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail membership@thexxproject.com.


We host mentorship match-up workshops designed to allow one-on-one mentor match-ups to facilitate conversations and collaborations.


Through focusing on building meaningful connections in cities at the cutting edge, we naturally attract in-the-know, connected, and influential women.


We create intimate, supportive, dynamic environments for women to build meaningful relationships.


We have a variety of event series that members can participate in, such as First Monday Dinners, which are intimate think-tank creative dinners designed for women to share ideas and business projects to further business and do deals together, C-Level Salon Dinners, hosted by industry leaders who speak on a range of topics to share business insight and success stories, and lastly, panel discussions, which are quarterly talks giving with multiple top level executives across diverse industries giving a platform to share their stories and current trending topics in their field.