Power Breakfast Series: Making Diversity Actionable

Join Brickson Diamond, CEO of Big Answers and Romola Ratnam, SVP of Social Impact at Endeavor in a discussion about how to ACTUALLY make diversity actionable. Moderated by Alicin Williamson, Chief Diversity Officer, Endeavor.

Brickson Diamond has been instrumental and influential and is known for bringing more diversity to the Sundance Film Festival. Throughout his two-decade career in business and finance, Brickson Diamond always had an interest in helping talented people of color rise to the level of success they deserved. “Diversity is being invited to the party,” he says. “Inclusion is playing the music I want to dance to, and serving the food I want to eat.” Brickson has dedicated his career to the cause of advancing opportunity and access for those who should have it, but do not. He has and continues to build and transform businesses across industries including entertainment, tech, investment management, and non-profits. Learn more about Brickson here: https://biganswers.net/about/.

Romola Ratnam is SVP, Social Impact, Endeavor. Ratnam oversaw the launch of Endeavor Impact, the company’s social impact brand focused on four key pillars: equity, democracy, industry inclusion and sustainability. Throughout her time at the company, Ratnam has also worked with the Foundation to realign its activities to support overall industry inclusion and to fund programs that align with its mission to ensure that sports, entertainment and fashion industries are accessible to all, and reflective of the populations that live in our communities and consume our content. She consults on and implements philanthropic strategies and initiatives for clients, including John Mayer, Lilly Singh, Brie Larson, Hilary Swank, Kevin Durant, Marshawn Lynch and Charlize Theron.

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