Provoke Significant Change in Life with Laura Greenberg

A catalyst is an agent that provokes significant change or action. What are you seeking in your life? What has to change for it to happen? What are you afraid of? What is one tiny step you can take today toward that change, dream or goal? What catalyst do you need in your life to create your dreams?

What you desire, your dreams & goals happen when there is a deep level of healing emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and subconsciously. The next step is to take focused, conscious actions in the world. As a catalyst, I use soul medicine mixed with logistical, practical action steps to open the space for significant action or change in my clients’ lives.


For maximum value for your one-hour session, you will receive a brief questionnaire before the session which will ask targeted questions about yourself. Each session is unique as each person is unique. We may focus on deep inner healing, we may focus on taking bold action steps with accountability. You’re the agenda. I challenge your thinking, you create results.

You may be called to book a session like this if:

-You’re in a place of career transition
-You’re looking to create a business, or have a dream or vision that seems too big to do alone
-You’re looking to match your values with your career
-You want to progress in your current career
-You know something’s missing in your life, but can’t quite figure out what
-You’re looking to dive into your spiritual self
-Or, you read these words and want to move forward in any area of your life (health, love, etc.)


Laura Greenberg completed a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2010. She has worked in the field of human potential and personal & spiritual development since 2006 when she became a massage therapist.

Since then she has worked with hundreds of private clients and several large corporations. Being a 2nd generation native to Los Angeles, she has spent most of her life surrounded by the entertainment industry in some capacity – the first job at 16 years old as an assistant to the President of MGM, flight attendant on private jets, massage therapist, and coach at an integrative medical center whose clients were mostly celebrities. Laura has worked and traveled all over the world, and happily resides in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, son, bonus daughter, and dog.

Laura uses soul medicine in her sessions including Akashic Records, Breathwork, Reiki, somatic and embodiment work, meditation, and more. She is a student of life, always involved in training, learning, and development.
Laura has worked and traveled all over the world, and happily resides in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, son and bonus daughter.