Discover your True Purpose, Remove the Hidden Blocks to your Success and Create New Possibilities in your Life with Kim Bates

My mission is to help people envision & create new possibilities in their life through wisdom and support along the way. I believe that you should give yourself permission to create a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You are meant for greater things.

Are you ready for a personal transformation that you can see and feel in your sense of self, in your career or business, with your relationships or in the type of life you are leading day to day?

I provide one on one Mentoring & Coaching either by Phone & Zoom (during Covid). We can all learn to remove our blocks & create the life we always dreamed of.


This session will be a one-hour sneak peek of this “5 step process”. Through a proprietary “5 step process” and customized exercises, I work with people one on one to help them become “UNSTUCK” in life, career, relationships and to start living the type of life they have always dreamed of. You will walk away with greater self-awareness, understanding the limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back, a very clear vision of what you want to make happen in your future, and tangible actions to get there. We also provide on-going support and guidance along the way.

Proprietary 5 Step Program includes 2 hours of exercises before we meet:

Session 1: Goals and Getting to know you. Setting our goals for working together & special exercises that help you to un-peel your “personal onion”. We uncover who you really are, what really motivates you, and what may be getting in the way of you experiencing the changes you seek and having the life you want.

Session 2: Envisioning your Future. We visualize and map out your dream and future state. We get really honest and real about what it is you truly want in life, relationships, your career, or business based on what we discovered about yourself together. We use a fun and inspiring set of tools and exercises that vary depending on your personal goals to make it simple and easy for you.

Session 3: Uncovering your “Shadow Self”. We all carry around a set of hidden beliefs, behaviors, and other stumbling blocks that keep us from moving forward but we don’t even realize it! We use a special method to uncover these hidden factors personal to you that you may not discover on your own and break them and their day to day patterns that affect your life. Gone once and for all!

Session 4: Taking Action & Moving Forward. Customized Action Plan just for you that creates day to day, week to week, month to month achievement towards making your goals happen.

Session 5 and onward: Progress. We look at where we started, what you wanted to accomplish, and how we are making progress. If we need to go back and revisit anything or revise anything, we can do it together. We are in this together until you are satisfied.


Kim is a seasoned brand, marketing & advertising executive. Outside of work, she founded a women’s organization in NYC, that features a live event series, called “The WSDM” (Wisdom). Our mission is to help women become more aware of the infinite possibilities in life through sharing the authentic insights, experiences, and life lessons of other inspiring women (of all ages). The advice and wisdom our community has gained from our inspirational female speakers over the years have been life-changing.

Beyond that, Kim has over 20 years of mentoring & coaching experience with women and also provides men career & relationship coaching.

Client Reviews

Lori B. ★★★★★
From zero to hero thanks to Kim Bates!
“Without exaggeration Kim Bates changed my life. When I first met with Kim I was in between jobs having no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I had no idea what I was really even good at. Not only did she help me figure that out but she put me on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur and realizing my dreams I didn’t even know I had. I went from having no job and no direction to manufacturing and creating my own beauty care products which have become #1 bestsellers on amazon! (My Solemate). I feel so lucky to have fatefully met her because I really don’t know what I would be doing right now if I hadn’t. I would likely be stuck in a career that wasn’t fulfilling and just living a life waiting for Friday and the next Friday and the next Friday to come. Sometimes it takes someone else to help us figure out ourselves and what we might be good and excel at. Kim is amazing at this. And she really cares about people and loves helping people succeed in every area of their life.”

Janine P. ★★★★★

Warmth & Wisdom

“I cannot get enough time with Kim and her phenomenal coaching. She has taught me so much about bringing my whole self to every part of my life and has given me invaluable advice that spans across my career, personal passions, and relationships. I find I’m often able to pass her advice along to my friends, too, making me more empathetic and helpful in my closest relationships. Every time I go to the WSDM, I feel like I’m getting exactly the advice I need to feel inspired about my life. I would recommend Kim to anyone who is looking to become their best self in every way.”

Jennifer R. ★★★★★

A great source for living your best life!

“Kim has such skill and insight for pushing herself and others to the highest quality of life. New experiences, relationships, career direction, and transformation; she has great advice on all. Many friends in NYC have benefitted from Kim’s advice; and she is a great resource for many. I would highly recommend working with Kim and learning from her life experiences and the experiences of her many friends and clients. Kim knows how to “make it happen” to help you live your best life!”