Break Through Your Emotional Glass Ceiling with Deborah Harada

Our Emotional Glass Ceiling [EGC] holds us back in career and personal life. We’ll be looking at the intersection of career goals, motivation, and resistance. The thing about that glass ceiling is that you can see through to the other side. You don’t need to keep bumping up against it. I’ll show you how the things that fuel you and give you a sense of purpose can work as a sledgehammer to break through to the other side.


This session will be tailored for you based on the inventories that you complete prior to the session. Understanding the connection between values, emotions and intellect is the first step toward cracking through the EGC that you’ve constructed and has been reinforced by our culture and your personal history.

1 – Pre-session Inventory – What matters most to you? (Values)
2 – Pre-session Inventory – What’s blocking you? (Emotions and blocks)
3 – 60-minute 1:1 coaching session
4 – Guide to Moving Past Blocks & Resistance. This includes exercises from my forthcoming book: Writing prompts, Common blocks women run up against, and Tools for recognizing your Emotional Glass Ceiling
5 – An Action Memo with strategies for moving past limiting beliefs and resistance.


I started Three Stories with coaching and online courses for women because I struggled for years to find the career of my dreams and feel confident in my ambition, drive and leadership ability. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned to help women just like you make concrete changes in their career or creative work.

After 10+ years working in the nonprofit sector, I left my executive position to finish my Masters, launch Three Stories and get back to writing my novel. In my work, I’ve spent years writing content for clients and organizations. In many cases, focusing solely on branding and B2B content. As a coach, I’ve worked with women, families and communities. Success in all of my work experience has been tied to developing an acute ability to listen and organize information and stories that are frequently big and messy to discover the priorities and needs. In many ways, this same process has worked with people and with information.

The women I work with walk away with a clear sense of priorities, confident in the steps to meet their goals. When you work with me, I’ll ask you to tell me your story. I’ve seen over and over that all the tools you need to make changes and follow your dreams are already in your story. I’m a mother, certified coach, published writer and poet. Life in LA is good. But someday I plan to say aloha to the Big Island and run Three Stories from a quiet lanai with an ocean view. In the meantime, I’m offering coaching, workshops and online courses for women who are ready to live their best life – and that includes you. I promise.